Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific is proudly produced by:

Summit producer Impact Asia Pacific is proud to announce its new name ImpactShare. The exponential growth of the impact investing sector has invited our own growth, which we are embracing wholeheartedly. ImpactShare will bring you not only our flagship event, but a series of other experiences to grow the impact ecosystem and see the people within it flourish.

The team - Alex Feher, Rob Irving, Melanie Greblo and Ranya Alkadamani - looks forward to seeing you soon!




There is an urgency to mobilising capital for good.

We believe that the convergence of three major trends: mindfulness; face-to-face convening; and capital for good, presents an unheralded opportunity for us come together to co-create, co-design and co-operate for greater positive social and environment impact.  Our purpose is to convene, catalyse, and grow the impact ecosystem at both the individual and collective level in the Asia Pacific to exponentially leap towards a transformational economy.



A transformational economy that is steeped in the practice of care for people and our planet.



The impact ecosystem is broad and growing. It is relatively new and as such requires a consistent meeting of hearts and minds both face-to-face, and through digital channels. Through convening, sharing learning, co-designing solutions, developing at an individual and collective level, and collaborating as broadly as possible we can fertilise, cross-fertilise, activate and accelerate the ecosystem for significant growth and impact. 

It was a real pleasure to be back with so many leaders of impact investing and social entrepreneurship in Australia for the Impact Investment Summit! What is unique about “the gathering” is the sincere tone of collaboration and partnership that filled each session. If what has happened in other parts of the world holds true for Australia, the only way this field will advance is through deep dialogue and shared exploration of not only ideas and vision, but the actual experience of investing in innovative ventures that seek to optimize impact with appropriate and diverse levels of financial return.
— Jed Emerson, 2015 Keynote Speaker