WOLFGANG Hafenmayer, Managing Director, Challenger73 and The FutureMakers

What most excites you about the upcoming Summit? 

Being able to connect Australia to the best impact investing practices from all around the world.

Why is this Summit a must-be-part-of event? 

Because it brings together outstanding local and global actors in the impact investing space.

What’s an exciting initiative you’re working on today? 

With Challenger73 we are creating the “Home for Challengers and FutureMakers”, a place (off-line and on-line) for people who want to learn about and co-create “Smiling World Visions” - visions in different sectors for a better future.
People who dare to think big do not only create these visions, but develop the financial products and advisory services to help businesses, foundations and individuals/families to contribute to realise these visions.


What’s a quirky trait the audience wouldn’t know about you? 

Best to ask my wife, I guess, but most probably being quite direct and straight forward against all mainstream views.

What are you doing this weekend?

Flying to China to help a good friend, Elliott Donnelley, to conduct the first “Impact Investing Class” of the China Global Philanthropy Institute for Chinese Business Leaders next week.