Amit Bouri, CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

What most excites you about the upcoming Summit? 

I’m most excited to hear from Australian and Asian impact investors. We already engage with a number of members and investors in that part of the world, but it’s always great to meet more players and hear directly about the impact these leaders are trying to have—it takes ‘local flavor’ to understand how exactly impact lands in each unique market.

I’m also eager to discuss ways in which the GIIN can better support this market. One thing that’s really exciting about this region is that it has the potential to be both a great source and a destination for impact investment. The region has large investment hubs, with Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong deploying capital all around the world, but there’s also a lot of need.

Additionally, since the GIIN’s early days, there has been a lot of leading activity from Australian impact investors and stakeholders. We look forward to supporting these leaders in bringing along their colleagues and building a stronger impact investing market.

Why is this Summit a must-be-part-of event? 

Simply put, this is a must-attend-event because the future potential of the Australian and Asian impact investing markets and communities is hugely important. We must not forget why we do what we do—the purpose of impact investing is to unleash the full potential of capital to build stronger communities and a stronger world. We jumped at the opportunity to continue to help do this in the Asia Pacific region and to learn from the other Summit participants.

What’s an exciting initiative you’re working on today? 

We recently launched a thought leadership campaign around the role of impact investing in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs represent a really critical focus for the global community and how it thinks about building a more just, healthy, and sustainable planet. We saw a clear role for the GIIN to help build a bridge between the SDGs and the way people think about investment— and to really make clear that this isn’t just a government or NGO initiative but that investment capital will play a critical role in the achievement of the SDGs.

It’s also important for us at the GIIN to make sure the world beyond our network understands that there are opportunities to contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs by making impact investments. As part of our broader campaign, I authored an Op-Ed that ran in Institutional Investor and that included a call to action for all investors to make at least one SDG-focused impact investment—and to get started on this effort immediately.

What’s a quirky trait the audience wouldn’t know about you?

One quirky trait that the audience won’t know about me is that I have incredibly small handwriting. I like to think it makes my notetaking more sustainable (less paper used) but I’m sure my colleagues wouldn’t mind if I wrote a little larger.

What are you doing this weekend?

This weekend is a bit more interesting than typical, as I’m leaving for New Mexico to go to the Albuquerque Balloon International Fiesta for my wife Katie’s birthday. I wouldn’t say this is a normal weekend, but it is this upcoming weekend, and I’m really excited for the trip.