Amit Bhatia, CEO of the Impact Investors Council (India)


The audience won’t know that this subject is very personal for me. As a child of refugees on the eve of India’s independence, I have grown up on experiences of displacement & deprivation and the role of access to education & livelihood for both survival and dignity. They won’t know that I gave up a lucrative corporate career a decade back, to find ways to encourage and cheer lead Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing, in India and around the world!

What most excites you about the upcoming Summit?

Asia-Pacific has 63% of world’s poor (ADB) but only 27% of world’s GDP (IMF, 2013). Asia-Pacific must find creative ways to solve its own problems while encouraging global investments. We are inter-connected physically (e.g., ASEAN or SAARC) and morally. I am delighted Australia is convening the world’s leading experts and passionate practitioners at the upcoming Summit, whom I am looking forward to meeting in Sydney.

Why is this Summit a must-be-part-of event?

Impact Investing is a US$60 billion global industry (GIIN) and Asia Pacific receives the world’s biggest share (53%) of impact investments. At Impact Investment Summit Asia-Pac, you will hear all leading voices from Asia-Pac in one place, hear leading social innovations at one place, and learn about all Asia-Pac opportunities at one place. Therefore, this is a must-attend event!

What’s an exciting initiative you’re working on today? 

India is Ground Zero for Impact Investing. This week, we will review progress of IIC’s study with McKinsey & Co. to map the achievements and future of India’s Impact Investing sector. McKinsey will benchmark aggregate financial and social returns for the first time for this 15-year old Indian industry, estimated to be US$7.5 billion in size and growing at over 20% CAGR. Am awaiting results!

What are you doing this weekend?

This is a bitter-sweet weekend as I send my daughter back to college in the US after her summer vacation. On one hand, it’s a privilege to have your girl as the first ever in the family to receive a high-pedigree global education. On the other, having her 7600 miles away, I’ll be missing her very much.