With our esteemed Advisory Group we have designed and curated another outstanding program for your 2018 Summit experience. You can expect your assumptions to be challenged, your soul to come alive, your technical questions to be answered, your courage to grow, and your imagination to enliven into action. We are ever grateful for the contributions of this stellar group to the Summit and the ecosystem at large!


Mel Greblo - Executive Director, Impact Asia Pacific
Jessica Roth - Founder & Director, Social Impact Hub, Impact Strategist, Blue River Group
Rosemary Addis - Chair, Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing
Katherine Leong - Associate Director, National Australia Bank
Alex Oppes - Director, Impact Investing, Social Ventures Australia
Kylie Charlton - Chief Investment Officer, Australian Impact Investments, Co-founder and Managing Director, Unitus Capital
Erin Castellas - Chief Impact Officer, Impact Investment Group
Lydia Hascott - Cross-sector Social Impact Consultant