Australian Impact Investment Awards

The 2019 Australian Impact Investment Awards offer an opportunity for organisations and individuals to showcase and be recognised for their expertise, commitment and outstanding activity in the Australian impact investing ecosystem.

The Awards are designed around similar criteria and categories to the Global Steering Group’s (GSG) Awards and are a collaboration between the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific and the Impact Investing Hub (developed and managed by the Social Impact Hub).

This year the Awards will be held at the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific Dinner on 13 November 2019 at the Sofitel, Darling Harbour.

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Awards Nominations

Award Nomination deadline is 27th September 2019. Awards celebrate leaders in the following categories:

1. Impact Asset Owner of the Year: 

This honour is for asset owners directing their capital to impact, including institutional investors, philanthropists, high net ­worth individuals, family offices, corporations, banks, governments, and development ­finance institutions.

2. Impact Asset Manager of the Year

This honour is for impact fund managers and other banks, deal makers or intermediaries placing or allocating impact capital. 

3. Impact Entrepreneur of the Year 

  • This honour is for leaders with catalytic impact on our lives or the planet through profit with purpose companies (social enterprises), non-government organisations or non-profit social service providers with earned-income models.

4. Impact Market Builder of the Year

This honour is for infrastructure, knowledge or field development for policy advocates, professional service providers (such as research, advising, consulting or impact measurement), government agency, media outlet or individual.


The judging panel will work to identify one person in each of the above four categories, from Australia, who nominates himself/herself or is nominated by any member of the public. These honours are available for an individual or an organisation. Across all the four categories, the judges will look for catalytic action, courageous first movers, scaling of capital and impact and building critical infrastructure (e.g., new institutions). With the following criteria in mind, the judges will be looking for real pioneers who’ve left security of day jobs, taken professional and sometimes personal risks to till the ground and move the impact investment sector forward.

AWARD JUDGES - (one more to be announced)


Rosemary Addis

Impact Strategist

Rosemary is one of the world’s preeminent impact pioneers. She has helped to shape the system to deliver innovation and investment that benefits people and the planet. Her global portfolio includes Trustee of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, Senior Advisor to United Nations Development Programme’s SDG Impact.


t: @RosemaryAddis


Abhilash Mudaliar

Abhilash has a 14+ year career in impact investing and social enterprise, which has included time at a microfinance accelerator (Unitus), an impact investing fund (Elevar), a social enterprise (Hippocampus) and a field builder (GIIN). Abhilash recently returned home to Melbourne and serves as GIIN's liaison in the Australian market.

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Wednesday 13 November 2019, Sofitel Darling Harbour, Price $160

Impact Investment Summit Award Winners 2018


(From left to right)
Kylie Charlton
('X Factor' Awards for Outstanding Activity)
Jordan O'Reilly, Hireup (Impact Entrepreneur of the Year)
Michael Lynch, Social Ventures Australia (Asset Manager of the Year)
Jessica Roth, Social Impact Hub; Judi Drown, Department of Social Services; Gary Brader QBE Insurance (Impact Asset Owner of the Year)
Sally McCutchan, Impact Investing Australia (Impact Market Builder of the Year).