Caffeine Hits and Speed dating

Most of us can’t function without our initial caffeine hit. In fact, my brother says that it’s a war crime to try and converse with him until he’s had his first coffee.
I’m writing to assure you that we also have this covered at this year’s Asia Pacific Impact Investment Summit. I promise, you won’t need to switch on the functioning part of your brain until you’ve had a caffeine hit, which will be available to you as you walk in the door at the Darling Island wharf.  
If you’re a ‘hitter’ and curious about what your coffee says about you, you must read this. Personally I’m a mix between one of the “most embarrassing” coffee orders and “an unspeakable coffee snob.” Go figure?
I hope you’ve had a chance to look through our incredible, expert curated program. You might be wondering what the “speed dating” part entails. It’s about finding your perfect match of course! No, not a life partner. But an impact partner.
We want to ensure this fabulous community you are part of is actually connected. And we thought we could try and make it happen with a bit of cupid. So, we will be facilitating a speed dating (also boringly known as “networking session”) so you can really get to know one another and share stories.
You’ve still got time to save $440 on your ticket to the Impact Investment Summit with the early bird, which ends on 12 September.
We’d love for you to join us this year and experience something special with a wonderful community.

Julianne Sanders