26 - 27 October - Doltone House, Darling Island, 48 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont

Following the official Summit opening by The Hon Mike Baird MP, Premier of NSW, Abigail Noble asks What it takes to go Mainstream. Abigail will answer questions on how involve the complex landscape of diverse actors, including institutions, philanthropy and charities.

Amit Bouri will address The Bigger Picture and some of the big questions in the field - where we are heading globally, how impact investing is segmented around the world, why we need institutions to scale, and how impact investing can catalyse the Sustainable Development Goals.

Six institutional deals are featured in Here are the DealsDeals will be unpacked to understand how they are put together, why they chose particular measurement outcomes, how they secured investment – and what the investment methodology is.

Ben Thornley designs a $1billion impact investment from the ground up in his interactive session Billion Dollar Impact. 

In Approaches to Growth: Crossing sectors, countries and cultures, David Wood talks about approaches to growth in impact investing, how to involve institutions and the opportunities of Program Related and Mission Related Investments for foundations.


28 October - Macquarie Group, No.1 Martin Place, Sydney

Join us for a day of workshops with Australian and International leaders in impact investment. 

Ben Thornley and Kylie Charlton facilitate a high-value workshop building off their work with large and small foundations alike. 

Wolfgang Hafenmayer and Danny Almagor lead Impact Investing Across Asset Classes for participants interested in moving 100% of their assets into impact investing.

Building an Impact Fund in Emerging Markets participants will gain valuable insights from Jack Knellinger and Daniel Madhaven into what it takes to establish an impact investing fund in emerging markets, with a specific focus on Asia and the region. 

Developing Impact Investment Funds for Institutions and Superfunds is brought to you by Tim Macready, CIO of Christian Super - one of Australia's most active superannuation funds in this space, and Ahmit Bouri, CEO GIIN.



Impact Investing is a US$60 billion global industry (GIIN) and Asia Pacific receives the world’s biggest share (53%) of impact investments. At Impact Investment Summit Asia-Pac, you will hear all leading voices from Asia-Pac in one place, hear leading social innovations at one place, and learn about all Asia-Pac opportunities at one place. Therefore, this is a must-attend event!
— Ahmit Bhatia, CEO of the Impact Investors Council (India)

SUMMIT DINNER - A Night of Storytelling

Hosted by James Pearson from QBE

26 October - 6.30pm - 9.30pm

The Loft Room, Jones Bay Wharf, Piers 19-21, 23 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont

Join us for a memorable evening with fine food and a delicious drop of two.

You will be taken through a storytelling journey with our key leaders in impact investing who will share their paths, personal insights and why they chosen to drive our community to mobilise capital for the common good.

What story will you share?

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.
— Phillip Pullman (Author)

PURPOSE of the summit

  • Be the catalyst and champion for impact investment
  • Work with key partners, grow the sector and demonstrate how 20th century capital market dimensions of ‘risk’ and ‘return’ are now expanding to include social and environmental impact.
  • Serve, inform, inspire and connect the impact investment community
    • Institutional: asset managers, superannuation and endowment funds, foundations – and partners in the quest.
    • Private: high net worth individual and family trusts/foundations
    • Influencers: Government, academia and the media. 
  • Lead the way with trends, case studies, guidance, data, benchmarking, innovation and information on impact investing
  • Provide the ‘fuel’, facts and pathways essential to achieving optimum returns to society, the environment and impact investors. 
  • Development of the impact investing market in Australia and the region
  • Use the opportunity of people coming together to create new opportunities for developing the market and creating new opportunities for impact investing.
The speakers all round were just incredibly outstanding people - very impressive.
— 2015 Impact Investment Summit Attendee


Program content is curated specifically to meet the needs, interests and strategic imperatives of impact investors:

  • Private investors
  • Trusts & Foundations
  • Institutional investors  

Prime focus is on the capital supply side (not the demand side) of  impact investment - thought-provoking and thought-leading topics and speakers researched, curated and vetted by our expert Program Advisory Panel.

The panels were excellent - really high calibre panellists and well structured, well-prepared moderators.
— 2015 Summit Attendee


  • Enjoy a highly informative three-day conference and workshop experience - exploring the issues and opportunities across the A/P Region in the burgeoning impact investment sector  
  • Experience a blend of visionary keynote presentations, panel discussions and a separate workshop day 
  • Benefit from a comprehensive showcasing of different aspects of the impact investment process including strategy, design, implementation and measurement of an impact investment strategy
Great opportunity to meet a wide cross section of the Australian impact investing community
— 2015 Summit Attendee

why you should attend 

  • Impact investment is mushrooming everywhere with all-round rewards  
  • Impressive lineup of expert speakers, thought provoking topics, authoritative partners
  • Demonstrated the path forward 
  • Great event for networking with the right people
  • Well-curated exclusively for the growing global impact investment community – investors with a conscience seeking to use capital for the common good
  • Showed how to achieve better returns - Social, Environmental and Financial.