Summit 2019

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Shifting the needle, maturing the sector…

The fifth Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific will focus on moving the needle on impact investing in the region. The sector is at a tipping point, it is imperative we align now on the critical challenges around impact measurement, market building, and pipeline development.

We will bring together the brightest minds in the sector, experienced impact leaders, international luminaries with great stories and learning to share, and putting action at the centre for the two-day Summit program we will catalyse, seed, ignite and amplify impact across key impact themes, as we lean in to specific Sustainable Development Goals, and align those with what is critical to the region right now.

We are delighted to welcome the following speakers to Australia in November, and to our plenary stage. Watch this space for new speaker announcements…


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The purpose of the impact revolution is a world focused not just on minimising harm, but on doing measurable good. Each of us has a role to play. What’s yours?


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