We believe in mobilising capital FOR IMPACT

It’s that simple.

We are driven by unlocking the power of the investment community to make investments that achieve a financial and social or environmental return.

This is what excites us, and this is why we have created the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific – to build a community that will mobilise capital for impact.

We are creating collaborative initiatives that will support this movement.

Responding to the impassioned call at the 2016 Summit, the quest in 2017 is to ACCELERATE and ACTIVATE mpact investment.

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The case for THE summit (the why)

This Summit sits at the beating heart of Asia Pacific's investment community. Impact investing is fuelling the rapid rise of finance as a force for good. It's a global trend that the Asia Pacific region has both an opportunity and imperative to understand and embrace. 

Impact investing is defined as the growing field of investment that intentionally creates positive social impact alongside financial return, and measures both.

This new way of doing business is emerging with momentum and scale, with increasing numbers of investors harnessing the power of capital markets to deliver social and environmental outcomes. Drawing attention from the world’s leading economies, the market for impact investing is estimated to reach A$32 billion in Australia, and US$500 billion - $1 trillion globally over the next decade.

Calling for capital, community, connection – this is why the Summit exists.

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The Summit community welcomes:

  • Investors eager for their portfolios to deliver social change in addition to financial return. 
  • Organisations focused on delivering social and environmental change looking for additional capital to scale their work.  
  • Investors seeking opportunities to diversify their portfolio and create social benefit.  

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The Impact Investment Summit calls for:

  • Leadership, strategic insight, best practice, good governance, high standards, and a well-calibrated compass for healthy, sustainable growth. 
  • Capital, collaborative community building, connecting like-minded leaders, experts and practitioners for the common good.

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