Ours are critical times.

There is an urgency to mobilising capital for good. Social inequalities and environmental degradation continue to rise, people and the planet are suffering. Our old economic structures, our capitalist past, has delivered much good but it’s also delivered unconscionable harm.  

Our world is characterised, amongst many other traits by:

  • Growing poverty

  • Food scarcity and security issues

  • Homelessness

  • Violence, particularly against women and girls

  • Mental illness epidemics in the Western World

  • Environmental degradation

  • Global warming

  • Preventable disease


Why impact investment, and why a summit?

This Summit sits at the beating heart of Asia Pacific's investment community. Impact investing is fuelling the rapid rise of finance as a force for good. It's a global trend that the Asia Pacific region has both an opportunity and imperative to understand and embrace. 

Impact investing is defined as the growing field of investment that intentionally creates positive social impact alongside financial return, and measures both.

This new way of doing business is emerging with momentum and scale, with increasing numbers of investors harnessing the power of capital markets to deliver social and environmental outcomes. Drawing attention from the world’s leading economies, the market for impact investing is estimated to reach A$32 billion in Australia, and US$500 billion - $1 trillion globally over the next decade.

Our purpose is to be the catalyst and champion for impact investment in the region. We work with key partners, to grow the sector and demonstrate how 20th century capital market dimensions of ‘risk’ and ‘return’ are now expanding to include measurable social and environmental impact.  


Institutional: asset managers, superannuation and endowment funds, foundations – and partners in the quest.

Private: high net worth individual and family trusts/foundations, family offices

Influencers: government, academia and the media. 

Social business, enterprise, not for profits: investment ready and en route to investment ready